How to support us in times of trials.

The 2617 Club is here for you.  In this season of our lives it serves as an important connection point for all of us in recovery.  Please consider as we make a supportive stance in the future.  Now as restrictions are being lifted by the governing agencies we are looking into reopening, and how that looks in the recovering community.

The 2617 Club in the interest of the safety and health of all that would come in need of experience, strength and hope would find a means of accessing that for all time.  With the health risks at present it is obvious that some requirements will need to be filled. (i.e. masks or facial coverings, hand sanitizers and perhaps other PPE not net known, as well as procedures and practices of meetings in person being resumed.

As we go through this time, one of the Best ways to support our efforts in the unified recovery community  is Membership.  $55/year is the easiest way to ensure this resource and many more to come remain accessible to those in need.  The Club has been diligent and as timely as possible in providing needed services for the good of the recovering communities.  (i.e. the lift for accessing the club, walls, dividers and even a recreation area for those with children or just needing to have a safe and serene activity.)

As a member you may chose to get involved into more aspects of The Club’s operations, or simply remain faithful in the annual dues to keep the message strong in our city, and surrounding communities.

Thank you for considering this move, and please reach out to us at the contact page and we will get you the necessary information.

Thank you,
The 2617 Club.