COVID-19 Response

In light of the “COVID-19” pandemic upon us at present, it can be a trying time for us all. This season of life now evident to us, could test our resolve and recoveries.  The club has closed it’s doors for any meetings and is sanitizing the premises in the mean time. 

In response, many of the recovering community have banded together to keep the message alive and well through these uncertain circumstances.  The Club has added many meetings that can be attended online (see Online Meetings page.)

For all in recovery groups that meet regularly here at the club, this has been a time of adjustment. Useful technology we have been exposed to throughout this is “Zoom” for online communication and collaboration in groups.  It is pretty straight forward and has become a popular means of “filling the gap.”

Please request assistance through our Contact page if you are unable to connect with a meeting.  The Online Resources Page is also a good reference to regional and global efforts of World Services organizations and responses to this eventuality.

There has been a considerable list of meetings compiled, that many have contributed to.  The efforts of electronic aide to the continued goal of our recovering community is priceless.  Thank you all.

This is also a time of testing as that well known sensation of picking up that 100 lb. receiver can challenge us.  It is undoubtedly a time for growth through The 12 Steps, Traditions, our many slogans and prayers also.  It is crucial to our sobriety, sanity and serenity so please receive this as your official Permission to Pick Up That Phone, reach out to your sponsor, other members of our groups and make an investment in the program.

For understanding important details of the virus, the governing bodies have put together these resources for learning what and how this pandemic is best treated.


 Please contact me at “” if you would like to provide information to they among us whom would seek a hand reaching to them, or use our Contact Page.

Sincerest Thanks To All For Your Efforts.
  —  2617Club